Każdy nasz pracownik jest dodatkowo kontrolowany przez naszych pracowników, którzy weryfikują informacje przesłane przez dystrybutorów.


•   Door handle advertisements (in a bag or hanging on rubber bands)

•   Slipping leaflets under doors (or doormats)

•   Letterbox drops (family houses and housing estates)

•   Under windscreen wipers

•   Address distribution (with or without proof of delivery)

•   Directly to addresses provided

•   To Institutions (schools/higher education institutions/hospitals/government offices/cultural institutions)


Prices for the distribution of flyers and leaflets range from 0.03 zloty (net) to 0.35 zloty (net) per copy with non-addressed delivery. Please let us know your needs by sending us a request for a quote so that we can give you an accurate quotation.

We will also provide you with detailed reports and feedback on the delivery of your flyers.

Effective Oversight – all our staff are supervised by our controllers who verify the information supplied by distributors. Once fully verified, you receive insightful reports on exactly where your flyers have successfully been delivered.