Dedicated Advertising Campaigns

Dedicated advertising campaigns are among the most effective and precise forms of advertising.

Before the project is implemented, the Client states the budget limits for the campaign, specifies the services to be offered, and identifies the target group to become the potential recipient for the
relevant campaign.

This information underpins the advertising campaign plan drawn up by our strategists, which is aimed at the specific target group so that the right means for communication are selected given the allocated campaign budget – ensuring that the largest possible number of clients are solicited. When creating a dedicated advertising campaign, we rely on statistics that allow the specific needs of potential recipients and the factors to which they respond to be clearly identified and thoroughly analysed.

We also have the resources to conduct market research on request, allowing us to collect required information about any target group specified. We conduct studies that not only research client needs, their satisfaction from current services, and the effectiveness of the company’s campaigns to date, but also investigate the impact of competing products and their influence on consumer purchasing decisions.

Dedicated advertising campaigns allow us to present several or several dozen options to our Client, giving them essential information on the manifold ways of reaching set targets using various communication means and platforms with different campaign durations (continuous, pulsed, or short-term campaigns).
Dedicated campaigns can be broken down into:
– Boosting brand awareness growth
– Resulting in an increase in sales

– Bringing about a shift in the perception of the brand, product, etc.
– Reinforcing buyer/seller relationships – building brand loyalty
– Creating new client needs
– Aggressive campaigns intended to stifle the competition