Marketing Strategies

Actions within a whispering campaign are an excellent way of making potential recipients aware of the brand’s existence and creating a need to satisfy curiosity and reach out for the advertised products or services. Word-of-mouth marketing is aimed at shocking the recipient so that they will want to voluntarily spread the word from one potential buyer to another. “Buzz Marketing” is a kind of “echo” of the information being passed on – it is an uncommon yet effective technique that has the potential to reach a wide audience who, through their own interest in the arising situation, will share the message within their living environment.

Our services include:

– Provoking interactions that demand the attention of bystanders or passersby at specific locations

– Renting “fake” crowds or passersby who play out specific roles planned by the Client for publicity stunts

– Organising events, contests, imperceptibly conveying valuable information about the company or its services

– Point of sale promotion capturing the attention of passersby (without leaflets/flyers)

– Activities in online environments (social media, forums or message boards, review sites, and social networking sites).

– Product or service promotion on price comparison websites (Ceneo, Opineo, Nokaut, Skąpiec)

– Disseminating product reviews by e-mail (mailing as part of the package)